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At AICDP, we’re committed to supporting Directors and Credit Professionals in their career journeys. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce the AICDP Business School and our revolutionary Credit Director Acceleration Programme Modules. Discover the AICDP Business School and embark on a transformational learning journey with us. Your success story begins here.

Never has then been such an appetite for Credit Professionals to get the skills they need to keep ahead of changes within the industry. The value and quality of AICDP pitches the theory, practical and real world examples with hands-on learning creating a win for everyone.

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The AICDP Business School serves as our flagship platform for providing top-tier professional development to Credit Directors, aspiring Credit Directors, and Credit Professionals. Our mission? To propel Senior Credit Professionals to coveted board positions within and beyond our field.


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Our meticulously designed Development Programmes blend technical expertise with behavioral mastery. We empower Credit Professionals to navigate the intricate dance between Task, Team, and Individual in their professional lives. This approach fosters considered, informed, intelligent, energetic, creative, and professional excellence in every aspect of their work and career. The result? Uniquely skilled individuals who stand out in the competitive landscape.


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We understand that time is a precious commodity for organizations. That’s why every AICDP development, training, and education initiative is laser-focused, exceptionally relevant, and efficient. Our commitment is to deliver immediately applicable knowledge and skills, ensuring that participants can make a real impact right from the start.

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The AICDP Business School is your launchpad to a brighter future in the world of Credit. Whether you’re a seasoned Credit Director, an aspiring leader, or a dedicated Credit Professional, we’re here to empower your growth.

Discover the AICDP Business School and embark on a transformational learning journey with us. Your success story begins here.

Courses Available to Book Now – 6 Rolling 2-Day Modules*:

Credit Director Acceleration Programme - Module 1 - 15th & 16th November 2023 - UK

Credit Director Acceleration Programme – Module 1: Crisis Management & Crisis Leadership


15th & 16th November 2023
Location Leigh Sports Village, Sale Way, Leigh WN7 4JY


To equip managers with management and leadership abilities sufficient to successfully navigate times of crisis.


When crises occur, as they do in every life, confidence, competence, decisiveness, judgement and action become crucial. Understanding the vital, necessary management action to take in a crisis and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion, with minimal loss and damage, gives managers an extra dimension.

In times of difficulty, management (doing things right) becomes an individual, and team, decision. Ensuring that, in the balance of probability, appropriate decisions are made and that employees are willing to commit to those decisions, is a key indicator of flexible, competent managers.

Leadership (doing the right thing) at times of crisis is vital; taking the lead, especially when the path and outcome is not certain, is a nerve-wracking thing to undertake. Acting effectively in the middle of unexpected events, and subsequent unexpected human behaviours, is when you really learn to be a leader very quickly. No-one guarantees to get it right all the time, everyone can guarantee to be, at the least, prepared. Heightened self-awareness is a key part of this process.

Module 1 Outline:

In Credit, crisis can come around the corner very quickly. Ensuring that you, your organisation and your teams have prepared for this, have trained and have processes in place to manage the unexpected, helps organisation and planning, considered responses, comprehensive decision-making, decisive action and a behavioural preparedness to engage with difficulty, uncertainty and

This module equips managers with the self-knowledge to enable them to act swiftly, analytically and competently when crisis arrives. It details what must be put in place immediately and how to build a plan of effective action. It examines what must be done to inform and communicate with others involved, recruiting key individuals who are/should be involved and drafting of possible scenarios. It also examines the importance of identifying way markers and possible outcomes, satisfactory or unsatisfactory.

Crisis management and crisis leadership are the key tests of an individual’s capabilities and performance. This is never without risk and Module 1 of CDAP focuses on how to have the confidence to take the lead even when the path is indistinct. How do you get people to follow you when you might not know, in that moment, precisely where to lead them?

What it Delivers:

This module enables participants to:

  1. Manage confidently, consistently and competently in a crisis.
  2. Ensure high-quality communication and accurate focus.
  3. Assess the duration of any particular crisis, including all consequences.
  4. Balance the task, the team and the individual such that all are progressing and none neglected.
  5. Actively direct resources and people, progressing towards a successful outcome.
  6. Have the confidence to initiate effective management and leadership behaviours.
  7. Reach an in-depth understanding of the uncertain nature of leadership.


£1,000 per Delegate – (2 Day Course and Refreshments during the day) + VAT
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Credit Director Acceleration Programme - Module 2 - 8th & 9th November 2023 - Dublin


Module 2: Managing Teams/Individuals in Multiple Locations – 2 Day Training – Dublin



8th & 9th November 2023
Location Dublin


To equip managers with the knowledge, confidence and behavioural tools to manage employees effectively no matter the organisational structure.


Covid-19, disrupting how companies manage their employees individually and in teams, initiated discussion about how to organise working life. Delivering performance in this environment, motivating individuals and getting the best out of teams, is challenging the best minds. Managers are required to deliver solutions with little help from precedence, their managers, mentors or development training: management by guesswork. Small wonder many are not doing well at it. A definitive conclusion of what works best will take years and is likely to be a hybrid of working in the office, WFH and working from other locations. Organisations must accept flexibility, workers must accept accountability. The biggest impetus for working together, whatever the location/s, is that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. There is an energy, a shared experience, a knowledge and a collective creativity which only emerge when individuals spark off each other.

Module 2 Outline

In credit, in the past 30 years, there has been a progression from nationally based to internationally based groups. Covid-19 and geo-political instability pose questions about the current and future effectiveness of this. Globalisation, mainly for cost reasons, resulted in a reactive business model which is not optimal, requiring a new approach: in a world of demographic change, the people no longer fit the model so the model must be built to fit the people.

This module provides concrete ways of managing individuals and teams, however working is organised. It analyses
the difficulties of managing remote and distributed teams, as well as the benefits and opportunities. It identifies effective ways to motivate individuals and ensure their contribution. It examines how communication can be made to be timely, effective, appropriate and efficient.

It emphasises, in this period of intensive change, the part leadership plays in ensuring managers make the right decisions; the key skills involved in this are:

Understanding the individuals you are managing, their preferred ways of working, their strengths, their weaknesses, when they might need your help, when they might need your input, under which conditions they work best, their foibles, when they might need a phone conversation an email, a face-to-face meeting, takes time, understanding and insight. It’s not something which can be faked.

What it Delivers:

  • Managing performance.
  • Matching individual and team performance to organisational requirements and goals.
  • Building a workable structure for high-quality communication.
  • Ensuring a realistic confidence in their own decision-making.
  • Understanding when motivation is required, when close management is required, when it is best to let people get on with it and when disciplinary processes might be appropriate.
  • Understanding that people generally want more say in the conditions of their work including how, when and where they work, how companies structure themselves and how they are required to work to fulfil corporate requirements.


€1,200 per Delegate – (2 Day Course & Refreshments during the day) + VAT
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* Collect Your Modules – enrol at any time and start collecting the independent modules you need.

Other Modules will Include:

  • Credit Director Acceleration Programme – Ireland UK 2023

  • Management Development Programme

  • Senior Credit Mentor Programme

  • Personal Development Programme

  • Credit Professional Development Programme – UK Ireland 2024

  • Team Leader Competence Programme

  • Credit Director Acceleration Programme – Ireland UK 2023
  • Management Development Programme
  • Senior Credit Mentor Programme
  • Personal Development Programme
  • Credit Professional Development Programme – UK Ireland 2024
  • Team Leader Competence Programme

2023 Dates:

6 Two-Day Modules over 2 Years in Ireland and UK:

  • Module 1 Ireland Delivered March 2023
  • Module 2 Ireland Scheduled November 2023
  • Module 1 UK Scheduled November 2023

2024 Dates:

6 Two-Day Modules over 2 Years in Ireland and UK:

  • Module 2 UK Scheduled February 2024
  • Module 3 Ireland Scheduled February 2024
  • Module 4 Ireland Scheduled May 2024
  • Module 3 UK Scheduled May 2024
  • Summer School Early July? 2024
  • More Module 1 dates planned for 2024
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