Many organisations are already struggling to get “back to normal” after the lockdowns and are
finding that they need to understand what the new “normal” and “reality” will be. This is particularly
challenging for teams but can easily be turned into an opportunity by applying High Performance
Methodology (HPM) to re-engineering the teams to better fit the post Covid19 environment.

HPM is a thoroughly tried and tested methodology used in organisational development. It is simple
to both explain and apply; it also enjoys an excellent reputation for delivering successful outcomes.
Often HPM becomes a retained template for ongoing and future organisational development and
can remain embedded within the fabric of the team, department or organisation.
The implementation is neither time consuming nor costly and consists of the following

  • One hour Introduction to Methodology with Client Management Group (On-site or On-line)
  • Two day workshop to apply methodology to team (On-site or On-line)
  •  One day review and transfer of output to client (On-site or On-line)

This workshop covers

  • History of the Methodology
  • Understanding and Creating Best in Class
  • Identifying Charters and Stakeholders
  • Creation of a Purpose Statement
  • Creation of a Mission Statement
  • Identification of Short/Medium Term Objectives
  • Identification of Scope of Processes
  • Creation of Fit Model
  • Identification QWL
  • Taking Ownership of Output
  • Future Planning

AICDP Consultancy intends to offer this consultancy to its members, free of charge for the initial one
hour introduction session. Thereafter, the members can elect to use the template to work their in
house solution or engage with AICDP to support them through the later stages on a chargeable

HPM can be applied to any team, group or organisation in any industry but this offer is focused on
Credit, Collection and Risk Management Teams.

Our Consultants have considerable experience in this area and successful engagements have been undertaken with Microsoft, Philips, Doosan, HSBC, Whirlpool and others.

Interested members should contact Claire or Bill for further details – please email

Bill Dunlop