The very best way to ensure the quality of your debtor’s ledger is to have passionate, motivated, knowledgeable and educated credit professionals looking after it.

Hundreds of students have completed the AICDP International Diploma in Credit Management and have gone on to add value to their companies by having what they need to perform at a new level of excellence.

The AICDP International Diploma in Credit Management is a practical course that includes four subjects: Credit Management, Collections, Credit Risk Assessment and International Credit. It runs over two fifteen-week terms with two subjects per term. It is delivered through Blended Learning, so you can study the material at your own pace. The material can be put into practice immediately and gives a blueprint as to what the credit function can deliver to the business.

Throughout the course, students get valuable insights into everything that should be done from Credit Assessment, Risk mitigation, Administration and required controls to the correct way to collect what is owed in full and on time, while maintaining a commercial focus.

Credit management should be a positive pro-business function, that focuses on maximising the profitability of the company. The Diploma contains all the information that enables students to do this, and more.

Most of our students are experienced credit professionals who have been in the role for many years, and they still benefit from the systematic approach and deep insights that the course gives them and helps to focus on the concept of “Right first time – every time.” They also get the added value of a recognised qualification to add to their CV.

The course comprises a number of short tests, assignments undertaken throughout the term and there is an online written exam in each subject at the end.

In addition to the knowledge, students really value having a recognised qualification from AICDP, an International Association that operates in many countries around the world. Students become members of AICDP and have access to a global information source.

On successful completion of the Diploma, students can go on to do their Advanced Diploma in Credit Management, this is run over one intensive 15-week term and focuses on the Management of Credit. The three main areas are: Managing yourself, managing your people and managing the function.

The next term for the AICDP International Diploma in Credit Management begins on the 22nd of June 2024 with a Saturday morning Zoom meeting at 10am, that explains how the course works and what is involved. The session is recorded, and the link shared after the event to all.

The Advanced Diploma begins on the 27th of April and the 28th of September 2024.
If you want more details, please follow this link:

AICDP Welcomes ICMT (Irish Credit Management Training) as National Certificate and Diploma Partner




Declan Flood