AICDP has just held its’ second and very successful meeting of our Amsterdam Group at Unysis offices in the city.

During the afternoon and early evening, we enjoyed interesting presentations and discussions on

  • The Development of AICDP and its’ Educational Programme,
  • The Importance of Behavioural Development,
  • How Digitalisation is Changing Credit Management
  • How Senior Credit Professionals Can Influence and Control the Political Agenda.

Thank you to those who attended – the lively and constructive discussions were very informative. We would also like to extend our thanks to Unysis for hosting our event which resulted in a growing interest in AICDP and the recruitment of more members.

The next meeting will be taking place on the 11th September 20018 at 3 pm.  Full details will be announced shortly, if you are interested in attending then please email

Anthony Stuart
AICDP Netherlands Group Leader