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Your AICDP Passport What Now?

For those of you who recorded your interest in our AICDP passport, we are preparing your formal application to complete your profile online to enable us to offer you a passport with the appropriate designation. This profile is an exciting opportunity for you to assess your career, ambitions and where the research of AICDP in DNA and Competency Mapping can be of assistance to you.

When you receive the link, it will be accompanied by a Pin Number which is your personal security code for completion of the Profile. Do not share the security code with anyone

Please take your time when completing your application and answer as many of the questions as fully and accurately as possible. Do not be afraid to complete sections you may feel are beyond your current experience as you may learn some interesting things to your benefit. The information you provide is key to the application being successful.

Relevant and accurate data and the protection thereof

When issued, your passport will be a reflection of the information you have provided to us and will not be further validated by AICDP. Your information will be assumed by us to be valid. All of your data will be protected by our stringent internal GDPR compliant controls. Your data will not be shared with 3rd parties or other members of AICDP.

Passport Types to be issued

 We are issuing passports with three designations to signify the role the passport represents:

1.       Practitioner: This is our primary passport and reflects the majority of passports we issue. As our existence is to be of benefit to the Profession, then obviously, Practitioners are key to the achievement of our goals.

2.       Leader: Some Credit professionals have adopted supervisory/management positions/specialist roles or become subject matter experts supporting the profession and the Leader passport reflects the additional requirements on a career that enters that stage.

3.       Ambassador: There are some professionals who make significant contributions to the advancement of the profession, either through exceptional achievements or through active involvement in supporting the Credit, Collection and Risk profession. Where we desire to associate with that level of active involvement in pushing the profession to new heights, we grant an Ambassador passport.

How your data will be interpreted

Upon submission of your application, your data will be reviewed and a passport should be granted. Rejected applications and resolution to issues will be reviewed by the AICDP Passport group and their deliberations will be full and final. In the case of Ambassador Passports, these are extensively reviewed by the AICDP Executive group.

The cost of the Passport and method of Payment/Renewal

 The Passport is a significant investment in the International Credit & Risk Profession and the passport pricing is designed to ensure everyone has a fully functioning passport as we wish to ensure that ALL credit professionals will have full access to their passport and to participate in the broader professional network. Within the passports there are additional forums and facilities for Leaders and Ambassadors and these are geared to provide additional services to people whose careers have reached certain stages and who wish to have more extensive access to the professional network. Costs are as follows:

Practitioner          €50 per annum
Leader                  €100 per annum
Ambassador        €200 per annum

Future enhancements

The next phase of Passport development is the creation of a broad community package within the passport that will provide peer to peer communication within your AICDP network as well as participation in special interest groups. This effectively provides you with immediate access to fellow professionals to share information and discuss challenges you may be dealing with from an operational perspective, effectively providing access to mentors and for you to potentially be a mentor to others.

Passport Partners

AICDP have already engaged with two International Passport Partners and are in discussion with others and remain open to further partnerships with like-minded organisations. These partners will assist with recruiting passport holders from within their client base and will promote the passport concept on our behalf.

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