November Newsletter 2023

  AICDP Monthly Newsletter What Next? For anyone in the Credit profession, or anyone on planet Earth for that matter, it […]

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What Next?

What Next?

For anyone in the Credit profession, or anyone on planet Earth for that matter, it has been and continues to be interesting times.  I’m being a bit glib here by using “interesting” but I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard the word “unprecedented” over the past 3 years.  Just to re-cap, we’ve collectively been through Brexit (for those of us UK based or do business with the UK), Covid & a series of lockdowns, work from home eventually moving into hybrid, supply chain issues, FX challenges, war in Ukraine, Liz Truss’s “mini-budget” (UK specific, again), significant inflation & interest rate rises culminating in what the media calls a “cost of living crisis”,  and now the Israel – Hamas conflict which, apart from the humanitarian impact, is significantly concerning to the markets as well as creating additional oil price volatility.

On the positive side, there are some green shoots;  inflation seems to be easing (this doesn’t mean stuff is getting cheaper;  it’s just getting more expensive but a slower pace), interest rates, although forecast to stay high for most of 2024, are not predicted to rise further, the banks are reporting bumper profits thanks to higher interest rates (whatever your opinion is of the banks, higher profits means less probability of tightening credit conditions which is good for business & the economy), a relatively stable job market on both sides of the Atlantic, a resilient U.S. economy so far and China, although growing more slowly than predicted, is forecast to accelerate next year.

And of course, there are additional risks looming on the horizon;  elections in both the U.S. and the UK, both of which will be (sorry) “unprecedented”, continuing concerns about China’s economic rebound & housing market as well as potential for conflict over Taiwan, Germany, as the economic “powerhouse” of the EU, continuing to struggle post-pandemic, as well as the continued cost pressures on both businesses and consumers putting pressure on retail markets, housing, business investment and constraining global growth, as well as the ongoing aforementioned conflicts.

As Credit professionals, it is our job to be prepared for the unexpected, to prognosticate in order to spot red flags and take action to protect the debtor asset against bad debt at the same time supporting revenue and commercial aspirations.  (For those of you in the know, this is akin to juggling several live grenades with one hand tied behind your back.)   As a Credit professional, you need to be knowledgeable about current events as no business exists in a “bubble”.  The events that impact our personal lives also have a significant impact on our professional lives and it is critical to understand how these events will determine business outcomes.  As I’ve stated previously, the 2009 financial crisis was one of the greatest learning experiences of my career.  The same is true of today’s world and the same lessons can be learned by the next generation of Credit professionals to give them the knowledge, experience and resilience to become experts in their craft.

“No one is so brave that he is not disturbed by something unexpected.” – Julius Caesar

Dean of AICDP Business School Announced

Dean of AICDP Business School Announced

AICDP is delighted to announce the appointment of David Cousin MA (Leadership Studies) Exeter, as Dean of the AICDP Business School. He brings a wealth of life, people, management and leadership experience to the role.

Starting his career in IT Operations at Shell, David moved to Mobil in Computer Operations and Programming, then spent 12 years at Whitbread, initially as their Data Centres Manager then as Technical Services Manager.

In the leading role of Customer and Technical Services Manager at Railtrack Information Systems, he planned and renewed their entire hardware and software systems, while maintaining a high-level IT service to a busy, complex organisation. He initiated comprehensive cultural change in IT accompanied by an extremely successful, internal IT behavioural customer service programme.

As Lead Consultant at Compass, an international consultancy, he delivered engagements in IT customer relationship improvement, contract management and performance benchmarking in Australia, Sweden, Korea, North America, Ireland and the UK.

In addition to becoming Dean of the AICDP Business School, David has been working as a coach and facilitator with Dropping the Pilot. In his spare time (!) David enjoys beer, his grand-children and writing poetry (not always in the same order). His retirement to a Greek island is endlessly delayed.He has had a practical and theoretical interest in Leadership for many years, working frequently with The Industrial Society on their Runge Effective Leadership Programmes at Balliol College, Oxford.

While living and working in Australia for Compass, he completed an MA in Leadership Studies at Exeter University. He claims he began this mainly to learn how to lead distributed teams of up to 240 people, though this was five years beyond the time when that was one of his responsibilities.

As Dean of the Business School, David will ensure that everything delivered is of the highest quality and of practical relevance to Credit Professionals.

David commented ‘Leadership is a contact sport, moving and dynamic. There is no certainty in leadership, there is only exploration, risk, discovery . . . and the accumulation of experience. Working with the AICDP Business School, we will support people in learning from all the experience available: theirs, ours and whatever else is out there.’

AICDP Business School

AICDP Business School

AICDP, the leading Credit Organisation created to support Directors and Credit Professionals in their careers, is delighted to announce the establishment of the AICDP Business School.

This initiative signals an escalation in our commitment to provide exceptional development training, consultancy, coaching and mentoring, as well as a stimulating resource for career management, to all Credit Professionals. The AICDP Business School will be our principal vehicle for the delivery of professional development to Credit Directors, potential Credit Directors and Credit Professionals, adding momentum to our core aim of propelling Senior Credit Professionals to board positions within, and beyond, our discipline.

The AICDP Business School has designed Development Programmes with technical and behavioural components, ensuring that Credit Professionals are aware of the complex interplay between Task, Team and Individual in every aspect of working life, enabling them to adopt a considered, informed, intelligent, energetic, creative and professional approach to all aspects of their work and career. This high-level development results in uniquely skilled and able individuals.

Our work recognises that organisations have little time to spare. All AICDP development, training and education is sharp, focused, relevant, uses time efficiently and ensures that what is delivered is of immediate practical use to participants. The core of the AICDP Business School Prospectus, is the Credit Director Acceleration Programme, offering advanced technical and behavioural skills, supported by expert coaching and mentoring.

The programme debuted in Ireland in May with Crisis Management and Crisis Leadership, with technical and behavioural modules. This was planned and delivered in collaboration with Irish Credit Management Training (ICMT). This inaugural module received an enthusiastic response and established an inaugural cohort.

In September 2023 the AICDP Business School Prospectus will be announced; in November, we will deliver Module Two of the Credit Director Acceleration Programme (CDAP) in Ireland and Module One in UK. In 2024 the programme will expand to Europe. AICDP Business School Development Programmes, along with our established training, and that of our partners, will generate students for CDAP.

Bill Dunlop, AICDP President added: ‘AICDP is proud to announce the AICDP Business School, an initiative that will revolutionise professional development for Credit Professionals. Through our targeted programmes, expert guidance, and practical approach, we equip Credit Professionals with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their roles and progress to management and leadership positions. We are excited to launch this endeavour and look
forward to supporting the future leaders of the credit industry.’

With the AICDP Business School giving Credit Professionals practical support in the management and development of their careers, AICDP is furthering its mission: Shaping the Future of International Credit.

For further information, please email

AICDP Welcomes Mike Diette as New CEO, Shaping the Future of International Credit.

AICDP Welcomes Mike Diette as New CEO, Shaping the Future of International Credit.

The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals is dedicated to empowering credit practitioners with essential skills and networking opportunities across the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Mike Diette as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

With an outstanding track record in the field of credit management and an unwavering commitment to advancing the profession, Mike Diette brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role as CEO.

AICDP is confident that his leadership will propel the organisation to new heights and provide its members with unparalleled support and training opportunities. AICDP plays a vital role in fostering the growth and success of credit professionals worldwide. By offering a comprehensive range of resources, training programmes, and networking events, the organisation equips its members with the tools they need to navigate the complex world of credit management effectively. With Mike at the helm and working closely with Bill Dunlop, AICDP President, AICDP is poised to expand its offerings and reach an even broader audience, empowering credit practitioners across various industries.

Bill Dunlop added: “Mike Diette’s extensive background in credit management, during which he has successfully navigated numerous challenges and driven substantial improvements in credit practices. His strategic vision, coupled with his dedication to professional development, aligns perfectly with AICDP’s core mission of empowering credit practitioners and enhancing their competencies.

Expressing his excitement for the role, Mike Diette said, “I am honoured and delighted to be appointed as CEO. This organisation has been supporting credit professionals in their pursuit of excellence for many years, and I am eager to contribute to its ongoing success. I look
forward to working closely with our members, partners, and stakeholders to advance the profession of credit management and provide the resources necessary for our members to thrive in an ever-changing business landscape.”

By fostering a vibrant and supportive credit community, AICDP will continue to be the go-to organisation for credit professionals seeking growth, knowledge, and career advancement.