Career Benefits of AICDP Membership

There are many career benefits to AICDP Membership:

  • AICDP Membership gives you privileged access to professional information, advice and guidance, with support in planning and managing a successful career in Credit.
  • Membership enables access to the AICDP International Passport: a comprehensive record of, and management system for, your experience, education, training, personal and career development in Global Credit.
  • The Passport records in detail all aspects of your career and career development, with professional endorsement by AICDP.
  • This record underpins and supports your career aspirations as a Credit Professional.
  • The information recorded in the Passport enables you to plan, structure and manage a successful career in Credit.
  • You have the facility to review and manage your career at all times.
  • AICDP membership gives you access to experienced Credit Professionals who will offer information on career progression, as well as their experience, advice and support.

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