We need you…

As we celebrate 10 years of AICDP, we want to ensure that we are constantly evolving and providing our members and partners the highest quality events and content.  After 2 years of lock-downs due to Covid, we were finally able in 2023 to resume F2F events much to the delight of us, our members and our partners.

However, unlike other Credit organisations who employ full-time staff to plan, run and manage events and content, AICDP is run by Credit Professionals who also have senior roles in industry and each and every Board Member gives their free time to support our organisation.

Planning and running high quality events and content in addition to our 9-5 responsibilities, is of course, very demanding. Therefore, we are inviting all partners and members to join our new Events Committee whose main responsibilities and remit is to assist in the planning and organisation of 3 main areas:

  • Newsletter content
  • Webinars
  • Events, both virtual and in-person

This new Events Committee will be completely voluntary and will be open to all members and partners of AICDP.   The Committee will manage itself and will report on progress to the Board on a regular basis to ensure alignment with our events and newsletter schedule for 2024.  Also, given how busy everyone is with their “day jobs”, the Events Committee will also be able to manage their time and schedule even outside of the 9-5 to minimise impact on your working life.

I would encourage any member or partner who is a keen organiser or planner and is looking to take a more active role in delivering content to maximise the reach and impact on our membership and also to maintain the highest quality deliverables to take advantage of this opportunity to shape our future events.

Interested members or partners should send an email to marketing@aicdp.global to express their interest in being part of this initiative.

Thanks to you all for your hard work, ideas, engagement and enthusiasm over the past 10 years and we’re very much looking forward to the next 10!

“Many hands make light work.” – John Heywood