Key Technical Skills of an International Credit Director

☆ A competent International Credit Director has the ability to:

  • Create an environment with a continuum of highly accelerated cash released from A/R.
  • Forecast the AR position, cash collected, bad debt provision requirements and write-offs over the course of the financial year.
  • Accurately understand the impact of the credit function on the profit and loss of the business.
  • Understand and quantify the financial risk to the enterprise and communicate the 360-degree magnitude of that risk.
  • Understand, quantify, and explain the impact of financial loss to the enterprise.
  • Understand and manage the cultural and legal diversity of all territories within the portfolio.
  • Be the trusted source for the identification of opportunity to generate incremental revenue at tolerable financial risk.
  • Be instrumental in the creation of an efficient OTC model with extremely low defect tolerance.
  • Create an organisational model which caters comprehensively to the needs of the enterprise.
  • Manage the functional budget, delivering the best people, systems, and processes in support of the enterprise.
  • Be the principal provider of Credit and Collection expertise, in the organisation, in relation to organisational development.