The Importance of the DNA

AICDP were the first organisation to identify the benefits from examining the DNA of an International Credit Director.

The gradual emergence of the International Credit Director, in a few large organisations, suggested an opportunity to break the glass ceiling, a real impediment to Senior Credit Professionals progressing to the title of Credit Director and to Board of Directors appointments. What could we learn from the experience of the first pioneers? How did they get to that level? What helped them? What did they learn? How could the benefit of their experience be passed on in a practical way to others? How could this help the Credit Profession?

AICDP analysed and detailed the blend of experience, skills – professional, business, financial and people, abilities, competencies, behavioural characteristics and navigational expertise comprising the unique set of personal and professional attributes observable in a world-class International Credit Director.

With the DNA as a map, those aspiring to become an International Credit Director have a clearer path to their future and to the future of their profession.

Identifying the DNA is also an important step in amplifying and broadcasting the contribution which Credit Professionals make to their organisations and in preparing the Credit Profession for the myriad organisational and business challenges of the 21st Century.

Identifying the DNA of an International Credit Director also frames the set of abilities, skills, behavioural characteristics and ambition required in the new breed of Credit Professional: curious, confident, energetic, financially competent and astute, questioning, an involved and motivated team member interested and invested in their own development, training and career path . . . Credit Professionals who are ready to play their part in Shaping the Future of Credit.

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