AICDP offers a range of internationally recognised educational training routes through our affiliation with the Irish Credit Management Training – ICMT.


Where could your Credit Career go if you had an Internationally recognised Qualification in Credit Management?

With your experience combined with the weight of an International Diploma, the sky is the limit.

If you are looking to progress in your career and would like a combination of structure and flexibility then this course is for you.

There are four subjects: Credit Management, Credit Risk Assessment, Collections and International Credit Management that are covered over two 15 week terms. Over the past twenty years, ICMT has been delivering top-quality education in Credit Management, and hundreds of students have been through the program and many are now enjoying top Credit Management jobs as a result. If you would like to join them and get the weight of an Internationally recognised qualification behind you, you should complete your International Diploma in Credit Management to achieve your full potential and boost your career in credit management.

Our Education programme includes classroom sessions, online learning, industry expert lead sessions and much more.

Gaining a valuable qualification in credit management is the starting point to a great career in credit.

International Diploma in Credit Management​

Advanced Diploma in International Credit Management

The Next term for the Diploma starts on Saturday the 18th February 2023 and the Advanced Diploma on Saturday the 25th February 2023

The four subjects are:

Credit Management – where you will learn the best practices in managing credit from start to finish.
Credit Collections – where you will learn to become a great collector/ communicator.
Credit Risk Assessment  – where you will learn to read and understand financial accounts from a credit perspective.
International Credit Management or Law – The Irish Legal System – where you will learn the fundamentals to increase your understanding.

The term starts with an initial get together via Zoom. The event will be live streamed and recorded, in case you are not able to make it. After that you can work from home at your own pace, with the support of our expert tutors. You will receive weekly notes, workbooks and tests to complete and return for correction.

Who should enrol on this course?

Anyone responsible for the credit function looking to perform at a higher level, excel and get better financial results.  The course is designed for individuals working in Credit Management with full time jobs, careers and other commitments. It fits around your busy schedule enabling you to get a valuable qualification that can integrate into your daily life.  Click HERE for more information on the course.

What do past students say about the training course?

Ciara O’Brien
​”Excellent courses which I would highly recommend. The Diploma & Advanced Diploma course covers all aspects and increases ones level of understanding in the areas of accountancy ( important areas for me were looking at the analysis of trial balance & being taught the skills to balance the balance sheet) to law, advanced law and credit management & improving ones collection skills). ‘’

Natalie Casey
“Best decision I made regarding my career. The Diploma in Credit Management is an excellent course with great support even with a young family, the lecturers are very approachable and understanding.  ‘’

Louise Kelly
‘’I enrolled in the Credit Management course as I had just become a credit controller and wanted as much help as possible. I found absolutely every tool I needed to do my job within this course and more. I don’t think I would still be a credit controller today if it weren’t for this course.’’

On successful completion of your Diploma in Credit Management, you can decide to go ahead to complete a second year, that leads to an Advanced Diploma in Credit Management.
While the Diploma focuses on credit management, the Diploma focuses on the Management of Credit, on what you have to be, do and have to be an excellent Credit Manager.
AICDP Welcomes ICMT (Irish Credit Management Training) as National Certificate and Diploma Partner
Gaining a valuable qualification in credit management is the starting point to a great career in credit.

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