Education & Development Benefits of AICDP Membership

There are many Education & Development benefits to AICDP Membership:

  • AICDP International Professional qualification via Certificate and Diploma.
  • AICDP training and development including:

State-of-the-art technical training in collection, risk management, technological innovation, fraud, digital applications and business-specific management skills.

Access to AICDP Dynamics: world-class online learning.

Access to AICDP Webinars for the latest thinking on particular topics.

  • AICDP Behavioural Development:

Behavioural analysis and development using FourSight behavioural categories:
Managing Yourself
Achieving Task
Relating to People
Tuning Performance

Experiential personal, leadership, management and team development.

Executive, leadership and management coaching, maximising operational strengths and minimising weaknesses.

FourSight360 graphic behavioural analysis of perceived performance by managers, peers, colleagues, those you manage, others of significance.

  • MBA with unique AICDP Credit Dynamics, in association with University Partner.
  • Organisation-wide education and quality assessments conducted by senior Credit Professionals.
  • Working with senior operational Credit Professionals, AICDP has determined the key competencies essential for high-level operational effectiveness and professionalism

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