Essential Abilities and Competencies of an International Credit Director

☆ An effective International Credit Director has:

  • A deep understanding of the business.

  • The ability to sell the enterprise, the function, themselves and their people in the market.

  • The ability to negotiate effectively with customers, suppliers, and internal stakeholders.

  • A focus on continuous improvement in policy and processes. Up-to-date understanding of technologies and new ways of working which could help the credit function.

  • The ability to manage projects to a high-level of achievement.

  • Integrity and ethical standards.

  • A perspective on risk.

  • A results-oriented operational style.

  • Leadership skills.

  • The ability to think strategically, developing and communicating strategies on the future of the credit function and its people.

  • Well-attuned political skills: in the enterprise, with clients and with other third parties.