The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) is pleased to grant the award of ICQMark, in recognition of exceptional endeavors to constantly improve the quality of its operations, to

Credit Management Outsource Solutions (CMOS) Limited and
Hugh J. Ward & Company Solicitors

In particular, we recognise in the Ward Group, a strong commitment to the development of the skill base of all of the staff and a clear leadership role as demonstrated by the many activities it is involved in where it shares expertise with the broader credit community.

It is clear that the Ward Group successfully delivers on, and excels in, the six areas we use as key metrics.

ICQMark requires a firm commitment to (1) Excellence as a consistent deliverable of all activities, (2) Education and skill development across a broad range of specialist activities, (3) Knowledge acquisition by participation in relevant activities, (4) Knowledge sharing by the active pursuit of areas where contributions can be made, (5) Innovation in service provision and (6) Clear ethos that quality is an integral part of the company and the team.

The ICQMark award is based on the findings of our team of International Credit Executives, all of whom satisfy our DNA for Credit Executives, and who, typically, occupy senior roles in national and multinational organisations.