to travel to other countries and conduct their business aided and unhindered by their host country. Six hundred years later in 2014, The Association of International Credit Directors & Professionals was created to facilitate the evolution of the International Credit Profession, and is expanding the principle of travel passports to our own profession to facilitate our Credit Professional Citizens to ply their trade across International borders, both aided and unhindered.

Why the International Passport is necessary

In common with other professions, the Credit profession started out locally and expanded nationally. Representation for the profession followed a similar evolution to a point where, at the national level, most developed countries had associations, groups, forums, and institutes working within countries to support the profession. During the latter part of the twentieth century, with the dramatic shift towards cross-border trading covering multiple geographies, the credit industry, now working in the new environment, was left without co-ordinated international professional support. Today there is limited support of the emerging reality and there are no credible mechanisms to create cohesion and a specific identity. Recognising this reality, AICDP knows that the passport will be the mechanism that delivers both cohesion and a better focused professional identity.

What is the Passport?

It is a multifunctional, App-based, product that remains the property of the holder, operated via their mobile phone or tablet. It is under the control of the holder who can open it for inspection by any third party for a specified period of time. It is a repository of detailed information that will paint a complete picture of the Credit Professional and their career, past & present, and will be useful in understanding opportunities for future advancement. Passports are issued at several levels, commensurate with progress through the profession, and you are awarded Visas in relation to specific achievements within the profession.

What does my passport contain?

  • An enhanced Electronic CV – that can be updated as required and offered for inspection by recruiters
  • A Skills and Behavioral Profile – to help you understand where you are and where you need to be
  • Completed details of all professional training undertaken from whatever source and the opportunity to plan future needs
  • A communication package enabling you to communicate with individuals within AICDP, or subgroups of the organization. AICDP communications to you are primarily channeled through the App

Am I eligible?

Almost certainly the answer would be YES! We exist for the betterment of the profession at the international level. So, if you consider yourself to be a Credit Professional, at whatever level or stage of your career and whatever associations or affiliations you currently have, we welcome your interest and application.

Why should I feel compelled to apply?

If you are not already convinced, you should consider this. AICDP has taken several years to get the passport perfected and to the point of launch and whilst doing so has consulted with many senior practitioners and subject matter experts within our profession. There has been a parallel reaction to the Passport as there was to the launch of AICDP itself. Everyone thought it was a great idea, needed to happen, and was about time that it did happen. More enlightened thought has gone further and proffered that it is conceivable that the passport will become an industry norm, an asset to the holder, and of significant interest to recruiters and prospective employers.

So, if you are a dedicated Credit Professional and wish to enhance your career and do something that adds credibility to our profession, remember there’s an App for that and it’s called the AICDP International Passport

What happens next?

On application, you will be invited to complete an online profile that is valuable to you and provides a means for the passport and related Visas to be granted. AICDP invested many years of energy and expertise in the formulation of the DNA of International Credit and competency profiling, using leaders in International Credit and this work forms the basis of your passport profile. You will find the profile useful, comprehensive, and interesting and your passport will be your International Credit Professional identification.

Apply early for your passport.

Passports are being scheduled for delivery beginning in December 2018.

Soon you will see another communication giving more details of the passport and the next stage of the process.  Apply at now to guarantee your passport.