The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) proudly announces the addition of Intellimind to its esteemed roster of Corporate Partners.

As AICDP continues to expand its membership to provide unwavering support for Credit Practitioners, our Corporate Partner network stands as a beacon of experience and expertise that members can readily access.

The inclusion of Intellimind strengthens the foundation of knowledge that our members consistently identify as pivotal for the industry’s advancement. Intellimind’s global presence has served clients worldwide for over three decade. In alignment with AICDP’s mission to shape the future of international credit, this partnership is a harmonious convergence of shared objectives.

Intellimind stands as a global leader in B2B Credit Management solutions, driven by the belief that superior information fosters superior business decisions. Their cloud-based platform offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, empowering companies to make timely credit decisions and effectively manage credit risk. Intellimind’s Credit Voyager solution is supporting clients to manage over 4 million individual credit lines and collaborates with more than 40 Credit Agencies and Insurers, Intellimind’s impact resonates across the globe.

Mike Diette, CEO of AICDP, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership: “AICDP remains steadfast in evaluating the evolving needs of our members, ensuring our Corporate Partner network comprises leading experts equipped with invaluable insights. I have had the privilege of knowing Nick Riby for many years, and his support of our association speaks volumes. Through this collaboration with Intellimind, our members gain access to Nick’s unparalleled expertise, and we eagerly anticipate his contributions at future events.”


The Association of International Credit Directors and Professionals (AICDP) is a premier organisation dedicated to supporting Credit Practitioners worldwide. With a commitment to fostering knowledge exchange and professional development, AICDP empowers its members to excel in the dynamic field of credit management.

About Intellimind

Intellimind is a global leader in B2B Credit Management solutions, offering a cloud-based platform designed to facilitate informed business decisions. With a presence of teams on three continents and a track record of almost three decades, Intellimind provides comprehensive products and services to effectively manage credit risk and drive business success.