If you think training and development is expensive, you would be horrified by the sunk, hidden and subsequent costs of not doing it.

In an age when a recent survey suggested 82% of new managers hadn’t received any training in leadership and management skills, and at a time when training budgets are reducing, sometimes to zero, what exactly is the purpose and possibility of development training?

As we enter the Age of the Accidental Manager, training often makes the crucial difference between the success or failure of new managers and leaders. A failed manager is a costly event, never immediately apparent or remedied. A successful manager can result in the absolute joy of seeing a group or department notable for its highly motivated teamworking, reduced staff turnover, increased productivity and clear enjoyment in working with each other.

Many of the problems besetting the world are the result of lack of leadership; inadequate thinking, analysis, planning and organisation; managers thrown into the role with nothing but guesswork and the internet to help them and a global pandemic of people carrying out work for which they are neither prepared nor trained and in which they have no, or little, experience.

The AICDP Business School will help Credit Professionals, and professionals working in other sectors, delivering development and training with a unique focus on technical and behavioural skills, including those relating to Management and Leadership. This plays to its mission to produce Credit Professionals, Managers and Directors, expert in both Credit and in the Behavioural Skills vital in effective, competent people.

We are developing a comprehensive prospectus of modular programmes and short courses. The unifying principle of all our work is that it is designed to be relevant to current business conditions and is experiential, practical and relevant. Participants will learn by doing and will be able to use what they learn immediately to confidently do a better job in a more informed way.

AICDP Business School includes the Credit Directors Acceleration Programme – CDAP, for aspiring Credit Directors, a state-of-the-art professional programme designed to equip the Credit Directors of the near-future with the learning, awareness, skills and outlook required in an Inspirational Leader.

Our annual Summer School offers focus on and exploration of a particular theme, leading edge discussion with Industry Experts and fellow Credit Professionals, exposure to new ideas and opportunities to learn new skills experientially, learning by doing, in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Summer School keynote speakers will be drawn from leading exponents in Credit and Leadership. Summer School 2024 is 22 to 25 July.

A number of activities assist in the development of Managers and Leaders, they include the following:

  • Hearing recognised Leaders speak and reading their writings.
  • Experiential Training such as that offered through the AICDP Business School. An opportunity to learn and practise in a supportive environment – learning by doing.
  • Practising, in the workplace, what you have learnt.
  • Regular review of performance, strengths and weaknesses, failure and success, if possible with a trusted colleague or mentor.

More information will be available on the Business School website and through LinkedIn over the coming months.

In a time of drought for professional development, effective mentoring, practical training and supported learning the AICDP Business School offers refreshing solutions for thirsty people.

Go on, give it a go!

David Cousin
Dean of the AICDP Business School