The Credit Industry has gone through a raft of changes over the past 12-months, many changes have resulted in swift action, a transition to working remotely, online events and so much more. AICDP has worked hard to support Credit Professionals across all industry sectors and we have also taken the initiative to look at how we can support our members further in challenging times.

AICDP has looked at our Membership offering, online events and also the corporate Partners we work alongside to spot opportunities. With this in mind, we have welcomed Brent Cumming from Let’s Talk Credit as an Affiliate Partner and delighted to welcome him on to our Executive Board. Brent was formally introduced at our Executive Committee meeting in March 2021.

Brent has been involved in the Credit Industry for over 30 years and through his business, Let’s Talk Credit, he runs 12 industry credit risk forums across 9 industry sectors.

Brent added: “I am thrilled to be joining AICDP as an Affiliate Partner, I believe the next 12months will be an exciting time for the credit industry as the lockdown restrictions continue to ease and we begin to rebuild the U.K. economy”.

Both organisations share the same values and ethos of delivering best practice, market intelligence and industry news and we are in no-doubt that Brent and Let’s Talk Credit will be a welcomed addition to our network.

Chris Snelson said: I have known Brent for many years and have supported his Credit Forums and could see there were synergies between both of our organisations to promote the Credit Industry. I am delighted to welcome Brent to our Executive Board and look forward to seeing how we can support each other going forward.