Professional Benefits of AICDP Membership

There are many professional benefits to AICDP Membership:

  • AICDP is the prime international organisation dedicated to raising the global profile of the Credit Profession and senior Credit Professionals. As an integral part of AICDP, you will shape, develop and drive the future of International Credit.
  • Membership gives you global access to Credit Professionals of the highest standard.
  • Membership offers you the opportunity to clarify and manage your career in Credit with the best professional advice and support.
  • We organise regular national and international events, sharing knowledge, keeping you in touch with the current state of Credit, with business-related topics and up-to-date on rapidly evolving best practice.
  • Membership, with informed professional support, will help you identify career paths in Credit, defining and selecting your own route.
  • If your goal is to become a senior-level Credit Professional, AICDP will support you in this with the appropriate information, education, training and development.
  • If your goal is to become an International Credit Director, AICDP offers support, information, education, training, development and networking opportunities.
  • We recognise and endorse all your experience, education, qualifications, training and development to date.
  • AICDP recognises and endorses membership of all relevant professional bodies in all countries and regions.

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