First thing each morning, for 21 months now, I read the Kyiv Independent online. The Ukraine War, its example, implications, final result and ramifications, is one of the most important geo-political events of our lifetime, consequently I follow it closely. Globally, democracy is under threat from unprincipled, illiberal, incoherent, angry, ill-informed, uneducated, short-sighted people living in the past and I would not like to live in a world run by any of them or those they elect.

Elitist? Possibly.

Sensible? Certainly. Worried? Definitely.

This was the year I realised the extent to which we are living in a world run by incompetent leaders, (Leaders in Name Only – LINO). In addition, we are living in a world where increasing amounts of work are carried out, with minimal preparedness, by untrained employees and managers who don’t really know what they’re doing or how to do it. Countries and organisations think they are saving money and time with this approach. It will prove incredibly costly and harmful and will be difficult, expensive and time-consuming to recover from.

Generally, however, I am cruising toward the end of 2023 in a state of optimism and hopefulness: the worse the world gets the more we realise we must do things differently. Awful leaders, who we follow down (and it is always down) the wrong path (and we can all think of many recent examples), eventually result in the universal and overwhelming realisation that we must order our world in more sensible, equitable and better ways.

Sometime around now we are reaching Peak Boomer, a massive transfer of wealth is underway to younger generations. Gen Z, in particular, will not want to repeat the mistakes of the past. They will do new things in new ways, ways which make sense and which work.

For everyone. Wait with bated breath until they get fully involved in imagining and making the future. Finally, for 2024 two things which we know work: Peace and Love!

Nick Kell
Behavioural Dynamics Director AICDP