Last week saw the launch of the AICDP Behavioural Development Programme, designed for Credit Directors and practitioners, underpinning AICDP’s aim of developing the DNA of Credit Professionals.

Nick Kell, AICDP Behavioural Dynamics Director, and two coaches from Dropping the Pilot ran the first in a series of four short experiential courses: Understanding Organisational Politics. The emphasis was on examining the benign and malign impact of organisational politics, exploring how heightened awareness of this promotes increased individual assertiveness and effectiveness, and analysing how an understanding of each individual’s values, integrity, and behaviour builds more efficient, effective, and healthier working practices.

Delegates came from a range of businesses, sharing experiences, perceptions, and ideas in order to identify which behaviours constitute best practice.

The Albert Hall in Nottingham provided the perfect backdrop for this involving and practical course. Participants left with an increased insight of their part in an often opaque and confusing process and clear ideas about which behaviours they could stop, tune and/or acquire in order to play a more effective part in their organisation.

This event will be repeated in 2019. Details of the next three short courses: Navigating Organisational Politics, Ego and Winning will be announced shortly on the AICDP website